Rameswaram is a town on Pamban Island

Rameswaram is a town on Pamban Island, in the southeast Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It’s known for Ramanathaswamy Temple, a Hindu pilgrimage site with ornate corridors, huge sculpted pillars and sacred water tanks.
Legend has it that Rameshwaram was the place from where Lord Rama, who is considered the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu, had built the bridge to Sri Lanka in order to rescue his captured wife Sita from Ravana, the king of Lanka. In fact, the word Rameshwara means “place where Eswara was worshiped by Rama” and presumably this is from where the place gets its name. The famous Ramanathaswamy Temple is located in the
center of the town and is dedicated to Rama. The temple is visited every year by lakhs of Hindus to offer prayers and seek blessings from the god.

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12 Jyotirlingams of India

The history of Rameswaram is centred around the island being a transit point to reach Sri Lanka (Ceylon historically) and the presence of Ramanathaswamy Temple. Tevaram, the 7th–8th century Tamil compositions on Shiva by the three prominent Nayanars (Saivites) namely Appar, Sundarar and Thirugnanasambandar.

Rameshwaram Temple is situated in the island of Rameshwaram, off the Sethu coast of Tamil Nadu and is reached via the Pamban Bridge across the sea.  The huge temples are known for its long ornate corridors, towers and 36 theerthams.  Rameshwaram Jyothirlinga represents the southernmost of the 12 Jyotirlingams of India and has been a time honored pilgrimage center held on par with Benaras. Rameshwaram Temple Jyotirlinga is associated closely with the Ramayana and Rama’s victorious return from Sri Lanka.

According to a popular legend, it was Lord Rama who installed this Linga here. Story holds that when Lord Ram was on his way to attack Ravana, he reached this place where he made a linga of sand and worshipped it.  It is said that when Lord Rama was drinking water on the seashore there was celestial proclamation “You are drinking water without worshipping me“. Listening to this Lord Rama made a linga of sand and worshipped it and asked to be blessed so that he could vanquish Ravana. Lord Shiva blessed him accordingly.   He also requested Lord Shiva to reside eternally here so that entire mankind should benefit from it.  Shiva then manifested himself as the Linga and was installed there for eternity.

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Connectivity to reach

By Air: There are no airports in Rameshwaram. The nearest airport is Madurai, distance around 170 kms. There are regular flights from domestic destination. After arrival in Madurai, one can take the taxi or bus from Madurai to Rameshwaram.

By Train:
 Regular trains to Rameshwaram are available from the major cities of the country. The main railway station is Rameshwaram (RMM) itself. For instance, the distance between Chennai and Rameshwaram is best covered by a train. The Rameshwaram express route is one of the shortest journeys one can hope to undertake from Chennai to get here.

By Road:
There are several private and government run buses available from Madurai that bring people to this temple town. The distance between Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram is best covered by a road journey, be it a hired mode of transportation or a self-driven vehicle.

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Climate & best time to visit

Summer from March to June: In summer, the temperature rises high during this time period, sometimes reaching above 43°C. The humidity is also at an all-time high during this time, making sightseeing a difficult task to endure. Even sea-bathing and beach hopping is quite hard to carry out, due to the relentless heat. It is definitely not the best season to visit Rameshwaram.

Monsoon from July to October:
Rameshwaram temperature remains pleasant throughout the monsoon season. Though not the best time to visit, the monsoon season is neither a bad time to travel to Rameshwaram. One can expect lesser crowds at the temples and tourist destinations, as well as some discounts and special packages from hotels.

Winter from December to February:
This is the best time to visit the city, the temperature during this time remains between 15° C to 18° C, which is the ideal temperature for spending a day outside, whether sightseeing or simply enjoying a day at the beach.

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