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A charming temple town, famous for its ancient Hindu places of worship, Kumbakonam is perched in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu. Pilgrims and tourists who wish to witness the significant temples of India should come here without second thought. A few of them are Nageswaran, Adi Kumbeswarar, Brahma and Kasi Viswanathar.

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Information About Kumbakonam

Kumbakonam, is a town and a special grade municipality in the Thanjavur district. It is located 40 km from Thanjavur and 273 km from Chennai. Kumbakonam is known as a "temple city" due to the prevalence of a number of temples here and is noted for its Mahamaham festival which attracts people from all over the country....

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By Flight: The nearest airport to the city of Kumbakonam is the Trichy or the Tiruchirappalli Airport, located at a distance of 96 kms. There are also numerous options for one to reach Kumbakonam from Trichy, with a road distance of km 96 km, and a

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