Umaid Bhavan Palace

Welcome to Umaid Bhavan Palace

Above the south-eastern horizon of the city stands the Umaid Bhavan Palace, a colossal Indo-Saracen building built in 1929 by Maharaja Umaid Singh as a project that was designed to alleviate the famine designed by Henry Lancaster, once a member of the Delhi Planning Committee. Crowned in a helmet-shaped dome, with its strict sandstone walls and monumental scale, the building resembles the Presidential Palace in New Delhi. When in 1944 the construction of the palace was completed, it had 347 rooms, including a cinema and a swimming pool in the room. However, the Maharaja had little time to enjoy his achievement; only three years after the work was finished, he died. The current owner, Maharaja Gaj Singh, occupies a third of all premises. In the rest of the city since 1977, a luxurious hotel and a small museum are housed. The collection contains ancient watches, weapons, miniatures, porcelain, portraits, silverware and maharaja clothing Timing: Museum every day. 9.00-17.00, Entry f

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