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Jaswant Thada situated 1 km northeast of Mehrangarh. The cenotaph of the maharaja Jaswant Singh II (reigned 1878-1895) was built from marble in 1899. Maharaja was famous for his active involvement in the introduction of advanced methods of irrigation of drylands. Nearby are the cenotaphs of other Jodhpur rulers. Marble columns and a beautiful carved lattice are adorned with the exquisite chathari (cenotaph) memorial of the monarch Jaswant Singh II (1878-1895). During the reign he managed to create a new irrigation system in this dry region. Townspeople tell legends about the curative power of the ruler and worship his cenotaph. Nearby are the tombs of the rest of the rulers and high-ranking persons. The oldest cenotaphs are located in Mandor. Timing: Open Daily, Entry fee: Rs 20, Camera - Rs 25.

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