Fortress Mehrangarh

Welcome to Fortress Mehrangarh

Mehrangarh is one of the most magnificent and impressive forts in India, this fortress towers perpendicular to the rock, which itself towers over Jodhpur at 120 m. The height of the crenellated wall is from 6 m to 36 m, and the building material used was a rock on which it stands fort; so the fortress merges with its base. Still ruled by the Jodhpur royal family, Fort Mehrangarh is full of stories and legends. Fort Mehrangarh was built in the XV century. Rajputs of the Rathorov clan, who were always militant against the Moguls and other Rajput clans competing with him. Akbar decided that it would be better to attract them to his side than try to force him to accept Islam. When he married the sister of Maharaja Jodhpur named Jodha Bhai (for whom he built a huge palace in Fatehpur-Sikri) , there were no questions about her conversion to Islam. It offers a beautiful view of the famous white and blue city. It is believed that blue houses were usually painted by houses belonging to the br

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