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Mumbai was a welcome return to civilization for me. This is a huge city, its power and greatness is felt in every building. For the Indians, Mumbai is the main monetary artery, people come here to work, build a new life and fight for a piece of fame. The relaxed inhabitants of the coast consider Bombay to be dirty and hectic, and its inhabitants to be calculating and vain.

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Mumbai - City to fulfill of your dreamsMumbai, the capital city of the Indian state of Maharashtra, is a spectacular paradox of chaos and hope, glamour and squalor, modernity and tradition. Famously known as the City of Dreams, Mumbai – formerly known as Bombay - Mumbai is a beautifully blended melting pot of cultures and lifestyles.The city soaks in everything into its fabric, making it its very own. From upcoming actors struggling to make it big on the silver screen; from Bolly superstars to big industrialists to tribes of fisherman and slum dwellers, Mumbai is a city t...

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