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Orchha (also Orchcha and Orchcha) is a medieval Rajput city in northern India (Madhya Pradesh) and the most romantic city in India. Raj Mahal or the palace of the ruler Orchha is a building consisting of 2 parts - the rooms of the Maharaja and the female half. The first sensation from Orchha is very pleasant. When we got off the bus at the entrance to the town of course we were met by the usual Indian turmoil.

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Orchha is a town of great historical significance. Located in the heart of Madhya Pradesh and on the banks of Betwa river, this small town, attracts several tourists from all across the world. The river Betwa splits into seven channels, also called the Satdhara. The ancient town seems frozen in time, with its many monuments continuing to retain their original grandeur even to this day. Here you will find some of the most fascinating temples and palaces that will help you realize a childhood fantasy. Orchha still holds the grandeur of a princely town.  ...

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The history of Orchha is linked with the local Bundela rulers. The Bundela dynasty was founded by one of the local Rajput princes in the 11th century. Garkhurar was the earlier capital of the Bundelas. The Bundelas ruled the central part of India f

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