Raneh Fall

Welcome to Raneh Fall

The Raneh Fall Canyon, 20 kilometers long, lies in a pristine jungle. This natural wonder consists of amazing waterfalls and a canyon in the crater of an extinct volcano.

The canyon lies in the Ken River, whose length reaches 5 kilometers, and its width is 30 meters. The canyon is a rocky canyons of pure crystalline granite, iridescent in various shades of color: from pink and red to gray.

Raneh Falls are a series of Ken river streams flowing over granite blocks. They are located 24 km from the village of Khajuraho. Downstream, the river connects with another river Khudar (Khudar river), and in this place begins the territory of the reserve gavialov (Ken Gharial Sanctuary). Water streams for a million years have cut a deep gorge in granite stones

In the canyon there are many large and small waterfalls, which operate throughout the year. Other seasonal rainfalls occur during monsoons. Lovers of enchanting nature should definitely visit this place, enchanting with the sound of falling waters and the view of virgin forests.

There are many caves in the rocks; we descended to them along stone stairs. Rocks and gorges sparkle in the sun with multi-colored paints, as they consist of pink-red and gray crystalline granite. The view is fabulous! Having admired the beauty of nature, you would not notice how yout time for the excursion was over,

Raneh Fal is located 20 kilometers from the historic city of Khajuraho.

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