Panna National Park

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Khajuraho is not only temples with frank plots on the bas-reliefs of the outer walls and not just a simple walk through the surrounding fields and mountains. And not even stalking crocodiles on the stones of the Ken River Canyon. 25 km from the famous village is the Panna National Park or Panna Tiger Reserve. If you are lucky enough, from a trip to Central India, bring pictures of striped cats. If not, you will still have fun driving in jeeps through wild forests that you have known since childhood in the Mowgli cartoon and the reports of Nikolai Drozdov, the permanent host of the TV show “In the Animal World.

Panna National Park was established in 1981. In 1994 he became part of the "Project Tiger" (Project Tiger Reserve). The national park consists of areas of the former Gangau reserve, established in 1975.

The reserve consists of the territorial forests of the present Northern and Southern parts of the Panna Forestry, in which part of the adjacent Chhatarpur forest land was added later.

 Panna National Park is by far the best park in the country (according to the Ministry of Tourism of India). To all of India and the whole world, he is famous for his tigers, who are here as owners. The fauna of the park is not limited to tigers. Sloths, cheetahs, marsh crocodiles - all this you can see, having gained patience in anticipation of masking animals.

The pleasure of visiting will be delivered not only by animals, of which there is abundant here, but also by picturesque landscapes. Lush nature near waterfalls, gorges, hills and rocks on which the park is spread, a deep lake with cool water.

Tourists gladly book a jeep ride to explore the park in all its diversity of flora and fauna.

Nearby there are many small restaurants where you can eat while walking, relax and buy souvenirs for yourself and loved ones.



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