Kandaria Mahadeva

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Standing on a common platform with other temples in the rear of the complex, the majestic Kandariya Mahadeva temple, built between 1025 and 1050, is the largest and most magnificent of the Western Group. The ideal implementation of the five-part temple project, only scheduled for the construction of Lakshmana and Visvanatha, this Shiva temple represents the peak of the Chandel art, its ornamented roofs are effectively elevated to the highest point of 31 meters above the base in the shikar, which consists of 84 smaller copies.

Kandaria Mahadeva is especially popular among visitors due to its energetic and provocative erotic scenes that adorn his three tiers, covering almost every facet of the outer surface of the temple. The admiring viewers always crowd in front of one particularly beautiful depiction of a couple, united in maithuna (love embraces), with maidens helping them on each side. One of the most frequently repeated motifs of Khajuraho, it seems, he challenges nature itself, since the male figure on it is suspended upside down; only when considering the bas-relief as if from above, you begin to understand the difficult intertwined terms.

A carefully worked garland at the entrance to the temple, carved from a single piece of stone, performs the function of a toran - the ritual gate of a wedding procession. And inside and outside the numerous bizarre images of gods, goddesses, musicians and nymphs celebrate a happy event; within the sanctuary, a dark passage leads to garbha grhe and its central shivalingam. In the niches in the outer part of the temple are the figures of Ganesha, Virabhadra and Sapta Matrika - the Seven Mothers responsible for dressing the groom - Shiva. Angry deities and protectors, this is Brahmi - sitting astride the swan of Brahma; three-eyed Maheshwari on the buffalo of Shiva Nandi; Kumari; Vaishnavi, riding a bird of Garuda; Varahi, the female image of Vishnu in the form of a wild boar; Narasimha, the female image

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