Erotic art of Khajuraho

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The unrestrained eroticism of Khajuraho, from the very "opening" of the complex in February 1838, has always hypnotized lascivious eyes. A young British officer of the Bengal Engineering Troops, TS Burt, interested in the conversation of the servants who carried his palanquin, deviated from the official course and came across the ancient temples that are buried in the jungle - "Their sun-scorched peaks rose above the huge trees, who surrounded them, with all the pride of superior height and age. But the odds were that the trees (or rather the jungle) would eventually have to win.”

Blatant images of oral sex, masturbation, mating with animals and other similar acts may have corresponded to Chandell's ten-century mores, but could hardly have been approved by Queen Victoria's senior officer ranks.

 You can find ... seven Hindu temples, decorated with a very beautiful and exquisite carving in terms of skill, but the sculptor at times admitted that his object was becoming somewhat hotter than it was absolutely necessary for his work; indeed, some of the sculptures were extremely indecent and offensive, and which I was at first greatly surprised to discover in the temples that were to be erected for the sake of good purposes and in the name of religion. But the religion of the ancient Hindus could not be very chaste in any way, as soon as it induced under the veil of faith to create extremely shameful images that defiled spiritual buildings. However, the porters seemed very admired by these, which for them were very pleasant novelties, which they did not fail to tell all present.

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