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 Outside the platform, reminiscent of its southern neighbor Jagadambi, largely restored (and sometimes quite clumsy) Chitragupta temple is unusual in that it is dedicated to Surya, the sun god. Mandapa is decorated with larger balconies than the main temple. Expressive images of hunting scenes, nymphs and dancing girls are decorated with processional friezes, and on the south side there is a particularly energetic image of the ten-headed Vishnu, in which all his ten incarnations are connected. In the inner chamber of the temple the fiery Surya rules a chariot drawn by seven horses.

A small and comparatively insignificant temple in front of Chitragupta, much of which is also restored, now known as the Parvati temple, may well have been originally a temple of Vishnu, but it has an interesting depiction of the goddess Ganga riding a crocodile.

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