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Gwalior , Gwaliair (Hindi, Gwalior ; Eng. Gwalior ) is the fourth largest city in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is located 122 km south of Agra at the intersection of railways and consists of three historical centers - Gwalior itself, Lashkar and Morar. Gwalior played a prominent role in the history of North India as the political center of the historical Malwa region. Actually Gwalior was originally called the fortress, picturesquely located on the flat top of a 90-meter cliff.

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Gwalior is best known for its imposing hilltop fort, which was famously described as ‘the pearl amongst fortresses in India’. The city has been the cradle of a number of dynasties that ruled it over the years. Their influence is clearly seen in the many regal structures that dominate the cityscape. Gwalior continues to retain a medieval majesty.Gwalior holds an unparalleled reputation in Sangeet, and has retained Indian traditions and the wealth of music intact over the years. The Gwalior Gharana is one of the oldest Khayal Gharanas and the one to which most cla...

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By Flight: Gwalior Airport is a domestic airport which has regular flights to cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Indore and Bhopal, via Air India. Tourists from other cities and towns in India, as well as from other countries, can board a connecting flight

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