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Madhya Pradesh is a state in central India. The area is 308.1 thousand km². The population of 60,385,118 people (2001). The capital is Bhopal. Traversed by winding rivers and covered with many hills and lakes, Madhya Pradesh is a rich variety of natural landscapes. The cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh is deeply rooted in history. Countless monuments, exquisite decoration and architecture of temples, forts, palaces on hilltops give rise to the imagination of visitors images of empires and kingdoms, great warriors and builders, poets and musicians, saints and philosophers and expand the concept of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Islam.

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Madhya Pradesh is the India’s largest state. The word Madhya Pradesh literally means central province. Madhya Pradesh is the heart of India. Madhya Pradesh is the southernmost state of the landlocked states in India. The size of the state is so large that the time is 40 minutes ahead of the local time zone in Ramanujan, a town on the eastern border of the State ...

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