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Kumarakom one of the most invigorating and fascinating places in Kerala, Kumarakom, is often perceived as fertile land, thanks to the incredible nature where you want to be. The picturesque lake Vembanad is the most noticeable, and gives the heavenly charm Kumarakom. Almost not an exhaustive labyrinth of lagoons, streams, waterways and canals emphasizes the fabulous magic of this place.

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Information About Kumarakom

Kumarakom is on man-made land reclaimed from the vast Vembanad Lake. The name Kumarakom was derived from the deity of its oldest temple Kumaran. Kumaran's Akam or place became Kumarakom. The place was fertile and most suitable for cultivation of rice and coconut trees. This village was part of Vadakkancore kingdom. But in 1750 Marthanda Varma the King of Travacore conquered and annexed it to Travancore. The first Christian Church was built here in the year 1769 in the land granted by the King of Travancore....

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Summer (March to May): Summers are not exactly the season time for Kumarakom, as the temperature usually shoots up, sometimes making it inconvenient to fully enjoy the potential of the place. The influx of tourists drops down during this time. Howe

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