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Pattadakal is located in Karnataka, 22 km. from Badami and 514 km from Bangalore. It was also known as Kisuvolal `Red City ', because the sandstone from which the local buildings were built has a reddish color . The temples of Pattadakal are the culmination of the art of the early Chalukya (Chalykya). Pattadakal was the second capital of Chalukya after Badami, it was rather a ceremonial center, where the rulers were married and celebrated significant events.

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Pattadakal is situated on the banks of the Malaprabha River. The city was earlier called Pattada Kisuvolal, which translates to ‘City of Crown Rubies’.  Pattadakal ("place of coronation") was considered a holy place, being where the Malprabha river turned northwards towards the Himalayas and the Kailasha mountan (uttara-vahini). As its name implies, it was used during the Chalukya dynasty for coronation ceremonies, such as that of Vinayaditya in the 7th century CE....

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The history of Pattadakal goes back to a time when it was called Kisuvolal, a valley of red soil. It even found a mention in Ptolemy’s Geography in the 2nd century CE. Presently Pattadakal is located in the district of Bagalkot, state

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