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Hospet is a city in central Karnataka, a transport hub located at a distance of 15 km. from Hampi . It makes sense to stay in Hospet only if you want to live in relatively comfortable conditions - there are several large hotels - and go to Hampi for an excursion or if you decide to go from Hampi to some of the cities of Karnataka. Hospet is quite a big but uncomfortable city. Hospet has several old temples along the road leading to Hampi.

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Locally known as Hosapete, the town is snuggled on the banks of the river Tungabhadra. This little town is of immense historical significance and subsists from the time of the reign of Krishna Deva, who ruled Vijayanagara. What makes Hospet a tourist hotspot is its archaic monuments of the by gone era that never fail to astound you. The city is highly popular being one half of the famous twin city of Hampi-Hospet. Hampi, as we all know is a World Heritage Site, with historical ruins from the Vijayanagar empire, some of which can even be spotted in Hospet. It is that...

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The city of Hospet in Bellar district of Karnataka is located on the banks of Tungabhadra River. The World Heritage Site of Hampi, located around 12 km away from Hospet, contributed to a massive growth of tourism in the region. Hospet is one of the

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