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The ancient city of Hampi is located in central Karnataka, is one of the finest examples of Indian architecture and is included by UNESCO in the number of cultural objects of world importance. Hampi is located a few hours from Goa , making it a popular tourist destination.

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Hampi, a village and a temple town in Karnataka is one of the most historically rich places. There are a lot of beautiful temples, majestic ruins, aquatic structures and royal embellishments of the times of yore that illustrate the glorious past. The ruins of the olden times are an incredible sight to behold, for both the pilgrims and the tourists alike.Listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site as the Group of monuments at Hampi, this city was also at one point one of the richest cities in the world when it was at its peak. Located inside the Vijayanagar...

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The story behind the name of this illustrious destination is quite interesting as well. The village was also known as Pampa - Kshetra or Kishkindha - Kshetra. The name was derived from the old name of the Tungabhadra River which was Pamp

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