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Gulbarga was the capital of Bakhmanids until 1424, when the court moved to Bidar. This city was chosen by the founder of the dynasty, Hasan Zafar-Khan, in 1347 adopted the name Muzaffar Ala-ud-din Bakhman Shah, claiming origin from the hero of the Persian epic Bachmann.

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Information About Gulbarga

Gulbarga reveals speckled forms of art and culture. It seems like everybody who ever ruled this place left the mark of their existence in this city especially Bahmani’s. The place is on the priority list of the tourists and every year there is a huge crowd traveling here to witness the spectacular and assorted form of art. The holy places are engraved with quotes from the respective religion. The paintings inside the monuments are all different and new since they all came directly from the imagination of the artist....

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GULBARGA was known as ‘KALBURAGI’ in former days which means stony land in Kannada. Presently the district is once again known as ‘KALABURAGI’. The original name of the town was Kalburgi and was later changed by Bahamani rulers to Gulbarga.

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