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Hyderabad is also called the Pearl City. He looks like an elderly beautifully dressed princess, whose time has passed. Once the site of the residences of the powerful and wealthy dynasties of Qutb Shah and Asaf-Jahi, the city has seen centuries of luxury and prosperity. Today, the spirit of the centuries is still alive in the Old City, with its old Islamic monuments and even older charm. In fact, the whole city is a scattering of architectural diamonds: graves decorated with patterns, mosques, palaces and houses from the past hid, lurched and fascinate passersby in every corner of the city. Look carefully around.

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Hyderabad district was formed initially in the year 1948 followed by Police Action by merging the Atraf-a-Balda District and Baghat Districts. In the year 1978, Hyderabad district was later split into Hyderabad Urban District and Hyderabad Rural. Currently, Hyderabad Urban district is known as the Hyderabad district.Hyderabad is known as the City of Pearls, as it had once flourished as a global center for trade of rare diamonds, emeralds as well as natural pearls....

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By Air: Hyderabad has an international as well as domestic airport. The Rajiv Gandhi International terminal is well-connected with major cities across the globe. The airport’s domestic terminal is called NT Rama Rao which is connected to m

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