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Золотая Колесница - Великолепие Юга

длительность : 6 Nights / 7 Days

маршрут : Бангалор / Ченнаи / Пондичерри / Танджавур / Мадурай / Тривандрум / Аллеппе / Кочин / Бангалор

Объекты по программе

День 1:    Бангалор - Ченнаи

День 2:    Маммалапурам

День 3:    Пондичерри

День 4:    Тиручирапалли - Танжавур

День 5:    Мадурай

День 6:    Тируванантапурам (Тривандрум) - Пувар

День 7:    Аллеппе - Кочин

День 8:    Бангалор (Возвращение)

Кр. описание

Уникальная программа по штату Карнатака на поезде-люкс по древним храмам, дворцам махараджей и заповедникам. Возможность в одном туре побывать в разных эпохах, начиная с 4 века н. э.



Информация о гостинице

День Программа
День 1 Бангалор - Ченнаи (346км - 6 ч)
День 2 Ченнаи - Маммалапурам (55км - 1 ч)
День 3 Маммалапурам - Пондичерри (163км - 2,5 ч)
День 4 Пондиччери - Тиручилапарри - Танжавур (197км - 3 ч)
День 5 Танжавур - Мадураи (203км - 3 час)
День 6 Мадураи - Тируванантапурам - Пувар (212км - 4 ч)
День 7 Пувар - Аллеппе - Кочин (201км - 4 ч)
День 8 Кочин - Бангалор (550км - 10 ч)


Включено / Исключено


  • Церковь Святой Марии
  • Форт Св.Георгия
  • Храм Капалешварар
  • Национальный Музей- Галерея Искусств


  • Храм Пяти Колесниц
  • Стена-барельеф Покаяние Бхагирати
  • Прибрежный Храм


  • Храм Форт Рок
  • Храм Матрубутешвар  
  • Храм Уччи Пилаяр


  • Храм Брихадешвара
  • Храм Алангуди
  • Храм Чандра Бхагаван
  • Церковь Шварца


  • Храм  Минакши
  • Дворец Тирумалая Наяка  
  • Храм Тирупарангундрам


  • Храм Падманабхасвами
  • Музей Напьер
  • Галерея Искусств Шри Читра


  • Голландский Дворец
  • Еврейская Синагога
  • Церковь Св.Франциска






Customer's Feedback View All

  • Rafiq Hajee
    Mobile : +27824422718
    Email Id : rafhajee@gmail.com
    City : Johannesburg
    Country : South Africa
    I know I am pretty late after my holidays in submitting my feedback, maybe I need another holiday. Just to say that we had a great time in Kerala in visiting the various places. The arrangements made through your company with Anju Malavia were excellent and were as promised. Just a few pointers in that care should be taken when arranging visits on places of interest in that for us as muslims to have seen more of islamic history with other sites as optional. Also for the driver to be aware of where the mosques for prayer time are as well halaal eating places. Also experiencing the windy roads and travel time a +-70km per day should be considered from destination to destination in order for it not to be so hectic. Overall I would not hessitate to book another holiday through Anju nor have any problems referring others through you.
  • Rashida Mahomed
    Mobile : 00263772310343
    Email Id : rashidam136@gmail.com
    City : Harare
    Country : Zimbabwe
    My husband ,son and I have just returned from a most memorable and enjoyable trip to India. Our sincere thenks to Anju and the team at Monks and Monkeys. From start to end all arrangements were handled professionally and with great expertise. The hotels were very nice and comfortable and all transport and tours well arranged. We will most definitely use Monks & Monkeys Travels if we travel to India again and recommend them to our family and friends. a big Thank You!
  • William Ivan Rhodes
    Mobile : +44-7963325396
    Email Id : ivanrhodes@hotmail.com
    City : England
    Country : United Kingdom
    Just returned from 18 great and interesting days in India The trip was orchestrated for us and to our specification not an off the shelf tried and tested golden triangle jaunt, by Anu from Monks & Monkeys Travels. Not only did they deliver on every level, Transport, Hotels Agents on the ground meeting and greeting us at every new destination, after we had suffered the worst experience possible in an overnight sleeper, which we had stipulated 1st class it may have said 1st class it was not in our eyes or nose. I contacted them on arrival in Varanasi and within an hour they had organised and paid on our behalf for flights and a hotel back in Delhi to avoid the indignity of another night on the train.(a local business man I spoke to put it that' the clientele in overnight sleepers are only the top class of those who travel by train. We had changed two of the hotels Anu had suggested before we went and interestingly our choices turned out to be the two worst hotels we stayed at. We had paid approx. a third of the cost as a deposit and were only expected to pay the balance on arrival in Delhi. Can't think of any British agents who work that way. All our drivers were excellent as were our internal flights. Guides were always prompt, knowledgeable and willing to tell touts and others we were not interested. probably the equivalent of our own phrase which encourages an individual to urinate elsewhere! So 100% satisfaction from us I will be recommending them unreservedly to my friends who are interested in India trips.

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