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Золотая Колесница - Гордость Юга

длительность : 6 Nights / 7 Days

маршрут : Бангалор / Кабини / Шрирангапатнам / Майсур / Белура / Халебида / Хампи / Бадами / Паттадкал / Гоа

Объекты по программе

 День 1:    Бангалор

День 2:     Кабини/Бандипур

День 3:     Майсор

День 4:     Хассан

День 5:     Хоспет

День 6:    Бадами

День 7:    Гоа

День 8:    Бангалор (Возвращение)

Кр. описание

Уникальная программа по штату Карнатака на поезде-люкс по древним храмам, дворцам махараджей и заповедникам. Возможность в одном туре побывать в разных эпохах, начиная с 4 века н. э.



Информация о гостинице

День Программа
День 1 Бангалор 
День 2 Бангалор - Кабини / Бандипур (235км - 5 ч)
День 3 Кабини - Майсор (91км - 1 ч 30 м)
День 4 Майсор - Хассан (99км - 2 ч)
День 5 Хассан - Хоспет (254км - 5 ч)
День 6 Хоспет - Бадами (104км - 2 ч)
День 7 Бадами - Гоа (250км - 4 ч 20 м)
День 8 Гоа - Бангалор (567км - 9 ч)


Включено / Исключено


  • Галерея Искусств  «Читракала Паришад» 
  • Концертное представление   
  • Эко-деревня


  • Национальный Парк Бандипур
  • Лесной  Эко-ресорт


  • Шрирангапатна  
  • Сады Бриндавана
  • Дворец Лалита Махал


  • Шраванабелагола
  • Халебида  и  Белура


  • Хоспет
  • Храм Вирупакша
  • Храм  Хазари Рама и
  • Королевский Комплекс
  • Храм  Виттала
  • Пещеры Бадами 
  • Храмы Паттадакала
  • Католические церкви


Customer's Feedback View All

    Mobile : +27825588999
    Email Id : mfj@vodamail.co.za
    Country : ZA
    i have just returned from a wonderful trip of india and would like to thank monks & monkeys travels for their outstanding service i received from the pick ups to drivers and tours , a special compliment goes to Anju Bajpai for her efficient service in arranging the hotels and tours to my requirements as well as meeting all of my needs to perfection , i will certainly not hesitate to recommend this company to friends and family, thank you once again.
  • Sultanova Nina
    Mobile : 007-911-943-52-38
    Email Id : ross1542@yandex.ru
    City : Saint
    Country : Russia
    Everything was perfect! Our drivers were Masters,Mr. Tundup who drive our Bus in Ladakh Was Especially! The Programme of Our Tour was very rich & outstanding!The Tour around Ladakh(managed by Mr. Goms)was organised well thought-out and very cognitive.
  • Rafiq Hajee
    Mobile : +27824422718
    Email Id : rafhajee@gmail.com
    City : Johannesburg
    Country : South Africa
    I know I am pretty late after my holidays in submitting my feedback, maybe I need another holiday. Just to say that we had a great time in Kerala in visiting the various places. The arrangements made through your company with Anju Malavia were excellent and were as promised. Just a few pointers in that care should be taken when arranging visits on places of interest in that for us as muslims to have seen more of islamic history with other sites as optional. Also for the driver to be aware of where the mosques for prayer time are as well halaal eating places. Also experiencing the windy roads and travel time a +-70km per day should be considered from destination to destination in order for it not to be so hectic. Overall I would not hessitate to book another holiday through Anju nor have any problems referring others through you.

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