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Раджастан с Классической Индией

длительность : 14 Nights / 15 Days

маршрут : Дели - Мандава - Биканер - Джайсалмер - Джодхпур - Удайпур - Джайпур - Агра - Джанси- Орчха- Каджурахо - Варанаси- Дели

Объекты по программе

День 1:       Вылет в Дели – Прибытие в Дели                 (Полёт)

День 2:       Полудневный тур по Дели

                      Дели – Мандава                                                (280 км / 6 ч.)

День 3:       Мандава – Биканер                                          (160 км / 4 ч.)

День 4:       Биканер – Джайсалмер                                  (325 км / 6 ч.)

День 5:       Джайсалмер

День 6:       Джайсалмер – Джодхпур                              (290 км / 5 ч.)

День 7:       Джодхпур

День 8:       Джодхпур – Удайпур                                       (275 км / 5 ч.)

День 9:       Удайпур

День 10:     Удайпур – Джайпур                                          (405 км / 8 ч.)

День 11:     Джайпур

День 12:     Джайпур – Агра                                                  (220 км – 5 ч.)

День 13:    Агра

День 14:    Агра - Джанси                                                       (Поезд @ 08.12 – 10.30 ч.)

                     Орчха – Кхаджурахо                                          (180 км / 4.5 часа)

День 15:    Кхаджурахо – Варанаси                                   (Полёт)

День 16:    Варанаси - Дели                                                  (Полёт)


Кр. описание

Самое увлекательное путешествие за 16 дней по центральной Индии с запада на восток, по сказочным дворцам и ослепительным монументам древности, с незабываемыми впечатлениями на всю жизнь.



Информация о гостинице



День  Программа
День1 Прибытие в Дели
День2 Дели-Мандава (280км - 6ч)
День3 Мандава - Биканер (160км - 4ч)
День4 Биканер - Джайсалмер (325км - 6ч)
День5 Джалсаймер
День6 Джалсаймер - Джодхпур (290км - 5ч)
День7 Джодхпур
День8 Джодхпур - Удайпур (275км - 5ч)
День9 Удайпур
День10 Удайпур-Джайпур (405км - 8ч)
День11 Джайпур
День12-13 Джайпур - Агра (220км - 5ч)
День14 Агра - Джанси (поезд  в 08:12 - 10:30)
День14 Орчха - Каджурахо (180км - 4.5ч)
День15 Каджурахо-Варанаси (полет)
День16 Варанаси - Дели
 Город    Ночи Бюджетная         категория 3* Стандартная     категория 4* Делюкс       категория 5*
Дели 01 Hotel Stallen Hotel Vikram Hotel Radisson
Мандава 01 Shekhawati Vivana Haveli Castle Mandawa
Биканер 01 Vesta Karni Bhawan Gajner Palace
Джайсалмер 02 Jaisal Castle Fort Rajwada Surygrah
Джодхпур 02 Kothi Heritage Marugarh Palace Ajit Bhawan
Удайпур 02 Vishnu Priya Swaroop Vilas Ramada
Джайпур 02 Palak Paradise Fortune Bella Casa Le Meridian
Агра 02 Hotel Atithi Howard Parl Plaza Wyndham Grand
Каджурахо  01 Usha Bundela Clarks Khajuraho Radisson
Варанаси 01 City Inn Ideal Tower Radisson
Стоимость тура (USD) Бюджетная категория 3* Стандартная категория 4* Делюкс категория 5*
на одного человека при 2-х местном размещении По запросу По запросу По запросу


Включено / Исключено


  • Старый Дели
  • Храм Бирла
  • Джама Масджид
  • Красный Форт Ворота Индии
  • Президентская Резиденция 
  • Кутаб Минар


  • Форт Мандава
  • Район Хавели


  • Форт Джунагарх
  • Ферма по разведению верблюдов


  • Форт Джайсалмер
  • Патуон Ки Хавели
  • Джайнские Храмы
  • Сэм


  • Королевство Марвар
  • Форт Мехрангарх
  • Музей Форта
  • Джасвант Тхада


  • Озеро Пичола
  • Ранакпур
  • Джайнские Храмы
  • Городской Дворец
  • Сахелион Ки Бари
  • Храм Джагдиш
  • Джаг Нивас (Озерный Храм)
  • Джаг Мандир


  • Форт Амбер 
  • Городской Дворец
  • Джантар Мантар
  • Хава Махал
  • Элберт Холл
  • Храм Лакшми Нараяна
  • Деревня Чоки Дхани

Фатехпур Сикри

  • Город - Призрак


  • Тадж - Махал
  • Красный Форт
  • Сикандра
  • Итмад - уд - Даула


  • Дворцы и Храмы


  • Храмы Каджурахо (наследие ЮНЕСКО)
  • Храм Матангешвара


  • Река Ганга
  • Вечерняя церемония Аарти 






Customer's Feedback View All

  • William Ivan Rhodes
    Mobile : +44-7963325396
    Email Id : ivanrhodes@hotmail.com
    City : England
    Country : United Kingdom
    Just returned from 18 great and interesting days in India The trip was orchestrated for us and to our specification not an off the shelf tried and tested golden triangle jaunt, by Anu from Monks & Monkeys Travels. Not only did they deliver on every level, Transport, Hotels Agents on the ground meeting and greeting us at every new destination, after we had suffered the worst experience possible in an overnight sleeper, which we had stipulated 1st class it may have said 1st class it was not in our eyes or nose. I contacted them on arrival in Varanasi and within an hour they had organised and paid on our behalf for flights and a hotel back in Delhi to avoid the indignity of another night on the train.(a local business man I spoke to put it that' the clientele in overnight sleepers are only the top class of those who travel by train. We had changed two of the hotels Anu had suggested before we went and interestingly our choices turned out to be the two worst hotels we stayed at. We had paid approx. a third of the cost as a deposit and were only expected to pay the balance on arrival in Delhi. Can't think of any British agents who work that way. All our drivers were excellent as were our internal flights. Guides were always prompt, knowledgeable and willing to tell touts and others we were not interested. probably the equivalent of our own phrase which encourages an individual to urinate elsewhere! So 100% satisfaction from us I will be recommending them unreservedly to my friends who are interested in India trips.
  • Nevin Reddy
    Mobile : +60 12 226 3894
    Email Id : Nevinreddy@hotmail.com
    City : Kuala Lumpur
    Country : Malaysia
    Having recently used Monks and Monkeys, I had reported that we had a bad experience at one of the hotels booked and had to leave that hotel and find alternate accommodation. It seems that the hotel Blue Bay may have also been misleading Monks and Monkeys in the type of accommodation being provided. Following that I am glad to say that the rest of the hotels were much better and Anju went out of her way to ensure that no further mishaps happened along the route and that our stay in India was an enjoyable one. As I am writing this my parents are still completing the last leg of their journey. . The fact that the MnM kept in touch with us went a long way in providing us the comfort that we needed in a foreign country. Although we were not able to recover the full amount of the accommodation I understand that MnM will ensure that they chance the hotel to recover the remaining funds. If I plan another trip to India I will consider using MnM again especially for the service provided by Anju. A few suggestions is to consider: 1) Ensure that you properly vet the hotels and ensure that hotels are confirmed well in advance 2) Check the journey times between destinations to make sure that misguided tourists (myself included) don't try to pack in too long journeys on one day with too small children. 3) We stayed in many hotels for one night along he route and this did not give enough time to appreciate what each town had, some advise to future travellers. 4) Check the facilities provided by the hotels and advise the client. Many hotels charged rates upto Rs500 for one days internet access. Had I know this I would have purchased a Sim Card to save on roaming rates and hotel internet rates.
  • Dr. Darshini
    Mobile : 0194336205
    Email Id : lovelypinkgur191@gmail.com
    City : qualms
    Country : Malaysia
    Very Obliging and trustable Company,Mr. Ajay was awesome,polite and very humble driver and Mr Raj was good Skillful driver & helpful towards the end. Keep up with your good work,we were Impressed with your good Service!

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