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Махараджа Экспресс - Сокровища Индии

длительность : 2 Nights / 3 Days

маршрут : Дели / Агра / Рантамбор / Джайпур / Дели

Объекты по программе

День 1    воскресенье:        Дели - Агра

День 2    Понедельник:      Агра - Рантамбор

День 3   вторник:                  Джайпур

День 4   Среда:                     Дели


Кр. описание

Путешествие начинается с самой долговечной столицы Индии - Дели. Маршрут тура �Сокровища Индии� на борту поезда �Экспресс Махараджей�, предлагает увлекательную поездку через знаменитый Золотой Треугольник по таким направлениям, как Джайпур, Агра и Савай Мадхопур.



Информация о гостинице

День Программа
День 1 Дели - Агра (203км - 3 час)
День2 Агра - Рантамбор (287км - 5 часов)
День3 Рантамбор - Джайпур (158км - 2 ч. 40мин)
День4 Джайпур - Дели (264км - 3 ч.40мин)


Включено / Исключено


  • Форт Агры
  • Тадж Махал

       Саваи Мадхопур

  • Национальный Парк Рантамбор


  • Городской Дворец  
  • Обсерватория Джантар Мантар 
  • Форт Амбер



Customer's Feedback View All

  • Sidrah Hamid
    Mobile : 0723705634
    Email Id : sidrahhamid4@gmail.com
    City : Cape Town
    Country : South Africa
    Hi I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Monks and Monkeys Travels on such a wonderful tour package that was customized for my mom and aunts travel to India and its other States.. It was an amazing experience that my mom and aunt would not forget.. I would like to single out the lady herself, Anju Malaviya, for going all out to satisfy my mom and aunt and meeting all there expectations.. From there luxurious hotels, to sightseeing, tour guides and travel arrangements between states. I was a bit skeptical at first as it was there first time traveling out of South Africa but Anju assured me they will have no problem and she will be in contact with them and keep me updated.. Lastly, I would like to thank Anju Malaviya for taking my late night calls and when I could not get through to my family, you got me in contact with them.. You truly showed true customer service in every sense.. I would definitely recommend Monks and Monkeys Travels to my family and friends and Anju Malaviya for being an incredible agent to us, you are an asset to you company in every way. Well done on such a great job...THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!! Regards Sidrah South Africa
    Mobile : 966-504503545
    Email Id : ansaritu@hotmail.com
    City : Jeddah
    Country : Saudi Arabia
    I really know this Travel Agency, I am recommended every one to deal with them. I been on Kerala for 11 days visited different area such as Munnar and Kotchi. it was family trip from March 18 to March 28, 2014 planned through Monks and Monkeys Travel LTD. EVERY BODY FROM MY FAMILY INCLUDING ME ENJOYED ALL PROFFICINAL SERVECE. Best Regards TAHA ALANSARI
  • miekejuul@hotmail.com
    Mobile : 1111111111
    Email Id : miekejuul@hotmail.com
    City : Delhi
    Country : INDIA
    Thanks to monks and monkeys we had a magnificent holiday, unforgettably for the rest of our lives!!The whole program was perfectly designed as per our wishes and when we had one problem along the way in one of the hotels, Bikash from Monks and Monkeys took action straight away and solved the problem in less than 5 minutes! Dhanyabaad and definitely phir milenge!!

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