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Королевский Раджастан на Колесах

длительность : 6 Nights / 7 Days

маршрут : Дели / Джодхпур / Удайпур / Читторгарх / Савай Мадхопур / Джайпур / Каджурахо / Варанаси / Агра

Объекты по программе

 День 1:     Дели

День 2:      Джодхпур

День 3:      Удайпур/ Читторгарх

День 4:     Саваи Мадхопур / Джайпур

День 5:     Каджурахо

День 6:     Варанаси

День 7:     Агра

День 8:     Дели

Кр. описание

Незабываемое путешествие по Королевскому Раджастану, Священному Варанаси и Великолепной Агре.



Информация о гостинице


День  Программа
День 1  Отправление в Джодхпур  21:00
День 2 Прибытие в Джодхпур 08:00
День 2 Отправление в Удайпур 16:30
День 3 Прибытие  в Удайпур  07:00
День 3 Отправление в Читтогарх 14:30
День 3 Отправление в Саваи Мадхопур 22:00
День 4 Прибытие в Саваи Мадхопур 05:30
День 4 Отправление в Джайпур 09:30
День 4 Прибытие в Джайпур 11:30
День 4 Отправление в Каджурахо 22:15
День 5 Отправление в Варанаси 20:00
День 6 Прибытие в Варанаси 06:00
День 6 Отправление в Агру 21:00
День 7 Отправление в Дели 21:00
День 8 Прибытие на вокзал Сафтарджунг в Дели 04:00


Включено / Исключено


  • Храм Бирла
  • Старый Дели
  • Джама Масджид
  • Красный Форт
  • Ворота Индии
  • Здание Парламента
  • Президентская Резиденция
  • Кутаб Минар



  • Дворец Умейд Бхаван 
  • Мехрангарх
  • Джасвант Тада



  • Озеро Пичола
  • Сахелион Ки Баари 
  • Городской Дворцовый комплекс


  • Форт Читторгарх 
  • Саваи Мадхопур
  • Национальный парк Рантамбор


  • Дворец Ветров  Хава-Махал   
  • Обсерватори Джантар Мантар
  • Городской Дворец



  •         Южная и Западная группа храмов


  • Храм Каши Вишванатх 
  • Храм Дурги
  • Река Ганга
  • Гхаты



  • Тадж Махал
  • Гробница Итмад Уд Даула
  • Красный Форт
  • Сикандра












Customer's Feedback View All

    Mobile : 966-504503545
    Email Id : ansaritu@hotmail.com
    City : Jeddah
    Country : Saudi Arabia
    I really know this Travel Agency, I am recommended every one to deal with them. I been on Kerala for 11 days visited different area such as Munnar and Kotchi. it was family trip from March 18 to March 28, 2014 planned through Monks and Monkeys Travel LTD. EVERY BODY FROM MY FAMILY INCLUDING ME ENJOYED ALL PROFFICINAL SERVECE. Best Regards TAHA ALANSARI
  • Rafiq Hajee
    Mobile : +27824422718
    Email Id : rafhajee@gmail.com
    City : Johannesburg
    Country : South Africa
    I know I am pretty late after my holidays in submitting my feedback, maybe I need another holiday. Just to say that we had a great time in Kerala in visiting the various places. The arrangements made through your company with Anju Malavia were excellent and were as promised. Just a few pointers in that care should be taken when arranging visits on places of interest in that for us as muslims to have seen more of islamic history with other sites as optional. Also for the driver to be aware of where the mosques for prayer time are as well halaal eating places. Also experiencing the windy roads and travel time a +-70km per day should be considered from destination to destination in order for it not to be so hectic. Overall I would not hessitate to book another holiday through Anju nor have any problems referring others through you.
  • Nevin Reddy
    Mobile : +60 12 226 3894
    Email Id : Nevinreddy@hotmail.com
    City : Kuala Lumpur
    Country : Malaysia
    Having recently used Monks and Monkeys, I had reported that we had a bad experience at one of the hotels booked and had to leave that hotel and find alternate accommodation. It seems that the hotel Blue Bay may have also been misleading Monks and Monkeys in the type of accommodation being provided. Following that I am glad to say that the rest of the hotels were much better and Anju went out of her way to ensure that no further mishaps happened along the route and that our stay in India was an enjoyable one. As I am writing this my parents are still completing the last leg of their journey. . The fact that the MnM kept in touch with us went a long way in providing us the comfort that we needed in a foreign country. Although we were not able to recover the full amount of the accommodation I understand that MnM will ensure that they chance the hotel to recover the remaining funds. If I plan another trip to India I will consider using MnM again especially for the service provided by Anju. A few suggestions is to consider: 1) Ensure that you properly vet the hotels and ensure that hotels are confirmed well in advance 2) Check the journey times between destinations to make sure that misguided tourists (myself included) don't try to pack in too long journeys on one day with too small children. 3) We stayed in many hotels for one night along he route and this did not give enough time to appreciate what each town had, some advise to future travellers. 4) Check the facilities provided by the hotels and advise the client. Many hotels charged rates upto Rs500 for one days internet access. Had I know this I would have purchased a Sim Card to save on roaming rates and hotel internet rates.

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