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In the XVII century. Marathi founded the port of Alibag to protect possessions from the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. The current Alibag is a quiet city in the Gulf of Mumbai. The most attractive local beach: a strip of silver sand, stretching 5 kilometers, overgrown with coconut and casuarina. On the horizon stands the fort Colaba, built in 1680 by the leader of the Marathas on the island of Chhatrapati Shivaji. This impregnable array of stone, lead and steel is built by the sea, on a rocky ledge, and can be reached on foot at low tide. Behind its thick walls stands the temple of the god Ganesh and there is a freshwater reservoir that was used during sieges. Two main entrances lead to the fort: one comes from the sea, the other - from land. The huge coastal gates are decorated with sculptures of elephants, tigers and peacocks.

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