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Srinagar ( Srinagar ) is the capital of the North-Indian region of Kashmir and the summer capital of the twin state of Jammu- i-Kashmir. Srinagar is located at an altitude of about 1,700 meters on the shore of Dal Lake lake. Srinagar is a climatic resort where, thanks to its location, coolness is preserved even in the hottest Indian summer.

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Srinagar  the capital of Jammu and Kashmir during Summer. It is located in Kashmir Valley on the banks of river Jhelum which is a tributary of the Indus. This beautiful city is popular its houseboats, lakes and gardens. The dry fruits and traditional Kashmiri handicrafts are also quite popular in Srinagar....

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The name Srinagar is derived from a couple of Sanskrit words namely Sri, which means the Goddess of wealth and Nagar, which means city. Therefore, this city is famously known as the "City of Wealth". The origin of the name dates back to the era of

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