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Monks & Monkeys Travels, a company which specializes in Inbound Tours for India, Nepal, Bhutan & Tibet with an expertise and services which are at par with existing travel industry. The products and services that we offer on our platter are the best and trusted travel services. The services are efficiently managed and backed by the professional integrity of our travel managers. The people who consists our team of experts are brilliantly trained and are in-sync with the insight of the ongoing trends of the travel industry. We deliver impeccable services which are the result of the well researched and carefully designed tour itineraries to our global clients. We believe in delivering the services we promise and entertain our clients to the highest level of satisfaction.
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Tips for first time travellers to Nepal

Unless you visit during monsoon, which isn’t advisable, Kathmandu suffers from crippling ...Unless you visit during monsoon, which isn’t advisable, Kathmandu suffers from crippling ...Unless you visit during monsoon, which isn’t advisable, Kathmandu suffers from crippling ...Unless you visit during monsoon, which isn’t advisable, Kathmandu suffers from crippling ...Unless you visit during monsoon, which isn’t advisable, Kathmandu suffers from crippling ...Unless you visit during monsoon, which isn’t advisable, Kathmandu suffers from crippling ...which isn’t advisable, Kathmandu suffers from crippling ...which isn’t advisable, Kathmandu suffers from crippling ...
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See what our customers have to say about our Product and Services
  • Hi I would like to take this opportunity to thanks Monks and Monkeys Travels on such a wonderful tour package that was customized for my mom and aunts travel to India and its other States.. It was an amazing experience that my mom and aunt would not forget.. I would like to single out the lady herself, Anju Malaviya, for going all out to satisfy my mom and aunt and meeting all there expectations.. From there luxurious hotels, to sightseeing, tour guides and travel arrangements between states. I was a bit skeptical at first as it was there first time traveling out of South Africa but Anju assured me they will have no problem and she will be in contact with them and keep me updated.. Lastly, I would like to thank Anju Malaviya for taking my late night calls and when I could not get through to my family, you got me in contact with them.. You truly showed true customer service in every sense.. I would definitely recommend Monks and Monkeys Travels to my family and friends and Anju Malaviya for being an incredible agent to us, you are an asset to you company in every way. Well done on such a great job...THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN!!! Regards Sidrah South Africa

    Sidrah Hamid - Cape Town, South Africa
  • My wife is returning from Delhi to Mexico today, we booked with Monks and Monkeys Travel Ltd, and the experience was excelent ! Kiran was very helpful, specially because we booked with very short time, but still she worked with us by skype until all the itinerary was arranged. Great service and very reliable!

    Mr Hermie Joshua Diaz Romero - Mexico, Mexico
  • I know I am pretty late after my holidays in submitting my feedback, maybe I need another holiday. Just to say that we had a great time in Kerala in visiting the various places. The arrangements made through your company with Anju Malavia were excellent and were as promised. Just a few pointers in that care should be taken when arranging visits on places of interest in that for us as muslims to have seen more of islamic history with other sites as optional. Also for the driver to be aware of where the mosques for prayer time are as well halaal eating places. Also experiencing the windy roads and travel time a +-70km per day should be considered from destination to destination in order for it not to be so hectic. Overall I would not hessitate to book another holiday through Anju nor have any problems referring others through you.

    Rafiq Hajee - Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Всем привет !!! С данной компанией познакомился через интернет, вышел на их сайт, потом связались по скайпу, пообщались, и решили рискнуть. Оплатили напрямую индивидуальный тур на 4-х человек (2 семьи). И не пожалели. Улетели в Дели 26.12.13, прилетели в Астрахань 12.01.14.Тур получился шикарный, очень интересный и очень познавательный.Мы совместили путешествие по 3-м индийским штатам (с индивидуальным гидом и водителем на комфортабельном авто), с передвижением так-же на местном поезде в дальние точки (в Кожурахо - в горд мёртвых храм Кама Сутры) с дальнейшим перелётом на Гоа на 5-ть дней и возвращением опять в Дели на один день , где напоследок посетили незабываемый по своей красоте, величию и масштабом храм Акшардам. Огромное спасибо компании "monks-n-monkeys", а в частности одному из руководителей Шараду за тот комфорт, за незабываемые впечатления, за ответственность кот. он нам предоставил. Отдельное спасибо нашему гиду Диду (Диджендеру) и , конечно-же несравненному водителю Раджу "Капуру", кот. водит машину просто как один из индийских богов. В общим всем желающим узнать побольше об Индии как о стране, а не просто прочесать пузо на пляже на Гоа рекомендуем тур компанию "monks-n-monkeys" Спасибо Вам Шарад, здоровья и удачи.

    Александр Маликов - г.Астрахань, Россия
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